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Thursday, June 22 2017 @ 01:52 PM CDT

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Who exactly is being paid back, and for what?
Authored by: Anonymous on Tuesday, October 23 2007 @ 03:07 AM CDT
Andy: I think you do more than that. In comments you write

<blockquote>If one subscribes to the view that Microsoft inspired the new members and upgrades, then one would assume that these new members would want to hang on to their P status at least long enough to support MS's PDF competitor.</blockquote>

Anyone reading this would imply that the blame is in Microsoft's camp in some vague way (responsibility by "inspiration"), surely?  It also may perhaps perpetuate a second unfortunate idea, which is that National Bodies can be divided neatly into camps. The US voted Yes but has significantly critical comments for example. Where do you put Iraq? It is not a wrestling match, really (though it would explain the expectations that there are masked men), and not even a negotiation, because both assume opposed parties and most parties have much more nuanced and constructive behaviours than that.

On the issue of the PDF "competitor", the interesting thing will be whether Adobe and MS would be prepared to work together on this, since Adobe has a PDF-in-XML technology too. That would give a much stronger basis, but the danger is that if they come up with some common technology that has no PostScript-isms and no Microsoft-isms it may as well just be ugly HTML or crippled SVG. But if enough people want it, they should get it, under the way things work.
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