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Thursday, June 29 2017 @ 11:02 AM CDT

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Remedies? The nuclear option
Authored by: Anonymous on Monday, October 22 2007 @ 08:23 AM CDT
"The EU asked MS to submit its formats for internationalization tool."

In my memory, the EU asked MS to work out the differences with ODF and support ISO standards. NOT to submit another standard to ISO that overlaps completely with ODF. But if you can show me wrong, and MS was asked by the commission  to draw up a completely new ISO standard, please feel free to back up your claim.

"Many, perhaps most, IT standards come championed by commercial interests: MS is not the exception at all. "

That was not the point. OOXML is just the latest example of blatent manipulation. It showed that the ISO standardization process has been politicized. Therefore, the call is for politicians to step up. It is their job.

"And where are governments suddenly going to get the expertise in standards matters?  Governments have traditionally supplied very few participants or experts: similarly, academics are not at the coalface enough to be strong participants, often."

So how does the FDA work?  Do medical drugs get registered by vendor voting? This is all very standard run-of-the-mill lawmaking. Through the WTO treaties, ISO has legal force. OOXML is just another example of how the ISO ratification process has become an instrument that allows commercial interests to dictate international procurement policies. It is good practice to prevent commercial interests from writing laws.

"Without buy-in from vendors a standard is useless, because it is very difficult to force a company to support a standard by law: indeed, it can be a restriction of trade against treaties. "

I believe this is called a non-sequitur. Forcing ISO standards by law where they exist is an obligation by WTO rules. It is the whole reason MS even bothered to produce this memory dump as a standard.

But as I wrote before. This is not about what you or I think. The dragon has been awoken, it will be difficult to put it to sleep again. Lawmakers see that (foreign) commercial interests invade its turf. They will fight that.

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