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OOXML Payback Time as Global Standards Work in SC 34 "Grinds to a Halt" | 66 comments | Create New Account
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OOXML Payback Time as Global Standards Work in SC 34 "Grinds to a Halt"
Authored by: Anonymous on Wednesday, October 17 2007 @ 08:22 PM CDT

Sorry, I wasn't clear before - I meant 25% per year, or 3 per year for committees with less than 12 members. That would let everyone join SC34 in about 8 years, or everyone join a new committee in about 17 years.

Unwinding is an interesting idea - kind of like disqualifying an athlete that's found to have taken drugs. However, it would make it possible for a standard to be certified then uncertified, creating uncertainties in the market during the early adoption phase.

Good faith is an important issue. I would say that the ISO is built on the assumption that the world can sit around a table and agree on a best practice. So while there are probably rule changes that can prevent casual abuse, there comes a point where misbehaviour of parties involved challenges that assumption, and the whole ISO model starts to break down. The right course of action therefore depends on the intentions of the new apathetics, which I don't think we know yet.

- Andrew

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