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Thursday, June 29 2017 @ 10:46 AM CDT

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This Just In: China Votes "No with Comments" on OOXML

OpenDocument and OOXML

I hadn't expected to be able to post anything more today, but when you're camped at 8,000 feet you can sometimes surprise yourself with a signal (uh, when on vacation that's not all good).

Be that as it may, this just in:  China has unanimously voted "no, with comments" on OOXML.  As I had noted in an earlier blog entry, China had been signalling some displeasure with Microsoft and OOXML in recent weeks, via Xinhua, the official government news agency, so this is not totally a surprise.  If you can read Mandarin, the result was revealed here.  I am told by a trusted source, that Co-Creative.org, an organization promoting open source made the disclosure, and that he confirmed the news with Mr. Ni Guangnan, of the fellowship of China Academy of Engineering, as source quoted in the earlier Xinhua stories.

There are many interesting aspects to the story, not only as it relates to China's ambitions in office productivity suites, but also as it figures into their substantial and ongoing standards strategy.  You can read more about that strategy in this issue of the Consortium Standards Bulletin (now called Standards Today). 

It's also interesting in that a large degree of public participation figured into the decision.  For example, there is this on-line poll site, qwhich allows anyone to log on to indicate how they thought China should vote on OOXML.  As of this moment, the voting was running 92.31% (8294 out of 8985 votes cast) against approval.

I'll continue to post publishable results as I hear of them - assuming I can get a connection.

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This Just In: China Votes "No with Comments" on OOXML | 7 comments | Create New Account
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China is anti-OOXML, therefore...
Authored by: Anonymous on Saturday, August 25 2007 @ 09:21 AM CDT

...how long before Microsoft issues a press release, accusing those who oppose OOXML as being part of a Communist plot?

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This Just In: China Votes "No with Comments" on OOXML
Authored by: Anonymous on Sunday, August 26 2007 @ 03:32 PM CDT

Liar. (but we've come to expect this).The vote has not happened.

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This Just In: China Votes "No with Comments" on OOXML
Authored by: Anonymous on Sunday, August 26 2007 @ 03:59 PM CDT
I'm craig, and I'll register in a couple of minutes.

Here's a link that makes the thing clearer.
It's pretty clear that China voted, "no."

I hope this helps.

craig (groklaw fan)
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