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Title: "The Discussion of 3G Mobile Systems in China - Technology, Standards and National Interests"
Authors: Yan Hui Aalborg Univesrity, Denmark
Wang Zhiguang Zhejiang University, PRC
Publication Date: January 12 2006
Free/Fee: Free Access
Reads: 2898
Abstract: In the time of network economy, industries and the public have stressed several battles for dominance between two or more rival technologies, often involving well-known firms operating in highly visible industries. China's 3G standard selection is no doubt the most high-profile case in the battles for dominance. The development of 3G service is perceived to have important economic and social impact. In addition, 3G is an important stake especially for developing countries. Successful development of 3G service can help developing countries shorten technology gaps with developed countries. But failure to do so could widen the digital gap further. Although most European countries and some East Asian counties have already launched 3G services, China's allocation of 3G operations was postponed again and again, until it promulgated TD-SCDMA as a 3G standard on January 20, 2006.
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