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Title: "Standards & Interoperability in GIS"
Author: Praveen Ummadi Michigan State University
Publication Date: June 1 2003
Free/Fee: Free Access
Reads: 7874
Abstract: Geographical Information Systems is become an integral part of the information infrastructure in organizations. Its integration capability across various disciplines helps the organizations to share, coordinate and communicate information. Thus use of GIS enhances decision-making, improves analysis and thus provides better service internally and externally within organizations. Information Technology progress is due to specific standards placed by the IT community which dictate the organizations to meet interoperable qualities that help various platforms or software modules to interconnect each other and have a seamless flow of data. Similarly the progress of GIS depends on common agreed standards by various developers of geospatial technology products. Interoperability & Standards in GIS has made progress but still in its early stages.
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