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Source: Internet
Publication Date: December 2 2003
Free/Fee: Free Access
Reads: 1384
Abstract: Consumers have expectations about the design, performance, safety, quality and reliability of the products and services that they buy and use. No-one wants products of poor quality, that do not fit, which are incompatible with equipment he or she already has, are unreliable or dangerous. International Standards help to raise levels of quality, safety, reliability, efficiency and interchangeability, and provide these benefits economically. When everyday products and services meet consumer requirements, then consumer confidence in them may be greater, creating a win-win situation both for consumer and manufacturer or service provider. This situation results when consumer representatives participate in the development of the standards that ultimately influence product and service specifications. This section explains both the benefits consumers derive from standardization and the benefits of consumer involvement in the development of ISO standards. It describes how ISO identifies consumer requirements and how it takes account of these in its work. Examples are provided of specific areas of work and also of ISO's recent achievements on behalf of consumers. Lastly, the section explains how consumers may contribute to ISO's work.
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