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Title: "IEEE Standards Companion"
Source: Internet
Publication Date: July 27 2004
Free/Fee: Free Access
Reads: 1374
Abstract: Standards are living documents: dynamic and ever-changing. The rules that govern them vary from organization to organization, those rules evolve, and the personnel that develop these documents change as well. As such, comprehension of this process can be challenging. That's where this document comes in. It's meant to be a companion to the official rules and policies of IEEE Standards. It is not a rule book in and of itself, but something a bit more expressive, that may be able to offer some background and detail that a series of rules can't. If there's any discrepancy between this and the official rules, those rules are correct and this companion is in error. So what is this companion all about? It's about the standards process-the method by which we move from an idea to a fully developed, officially approved standard. This companion also helps to connect the many separate documents that exist and that deal with the standards process. The standards process, however, can be complicated. While this companion will go over the straightforward steps in standards development, you should always be aware that there can be pitfalls that will delay or hinder the development of your standard. This companion will deal both with an ideal process flow and with some of the pitfalls. This document will also discuss some of the new alternatives to traditional standards development that are available through the IEEE Standards Association.
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