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Gesmer Updegrove has represented more than 125 standards consortia and open source foundations, including:
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Updegrove, Andrew, "Interview: How We'll Get the Job Done: an Interview with NIST's Dr. George W. Arnold," 1 May 2009
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Updegrove, Andrew, "Editorial: FOSS and Procurement Dispersing the Fog of Lobbying War," 1 October 2009
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Updegrove, Andrew, "Editorial: H.R. 5116: It's Time to Close the," 2 April 2010
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Updegrove, Andrew, "Expanding the Role of NIST: ReconnectingGovernment to Standards Development," 2 April 2010
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Updegrove, Andrew, "Editorial: It's Time to Forge a New Public-Private Partnership in U.S. Standards Development," 3 January 2011
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Updegrove, Andrew, "Re-Examining Public and Private Roles under the NTTAA," 3 January 2011
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Winn, Jane K., "Information Technology Standards as a Form of Consumer Protection Law," 1 November 2004
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Winn, Jane, "US and EU Regulatory Competition and Authentication Standards in Electronic Commerce," 22 May 2006
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Wolf, Tyler, "Existing in a Legal Limbo: The Precarious Legal Position of Standards-Development Organizations," 1 March 2006
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Wood, Stepan and Lynn Johannson, "How Not to Incorporate Voluntary Standards into Smart Regulation: ISO 14001 and Ontario's Environmental Penalties Regulations," 12 March 2008
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Wright, Joshua D., "Does the FTC Have a New IP Agenda?," 11 March 2014
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Zipprich, Renee, "2004 Antitrust Legislative Developments," 1 March 2005
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