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Antitrust (see also "Litigation and Legal Issues")

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"FTC Antitrust Law Primer," Federal Trade Commission, 2000
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"Tomorrow's Internet," The Economist
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"Antitrust developments in standard making," IEEE Micro, Vol. 8, No. 6, November 1988
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"Competition Policy in Telecommunications: Regulation & Antitrust," The Skeptical Regulator, Release 1.2, September 2003
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Software Freedom Law Center, "Windows vs. Linux: The Patent Tax," 16 April 2007
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Software Freedom Law Center, "Sarbanes-Oxley and the GPL: No Special Risk," 28 February 2006
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Cover Pages, "Why RAND is Appropriate for Internet Open Standards," 15 June 2006
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108th United States Congress "Standards Development Organization Advancement Act of 2004," U.S. Government Printing Office, 22 June 2004
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Abell, James, "Setting the Standard: A Fraud-based Approach to Antitrust Pleading in Standard Development Organization Cases," 24 October 2008
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Angelov, Martin, "The 'Unexceptional Circumstances' Test: Implications for FRAND Commitments from the Essential Facilities Doctrine Under Article 102 TFEU," Social Science Research Network, 15 July 2013
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Anthony, Sheila F, "Antitrust and Intellectual Property Law: From Adversaries to Partners," AIPLA Quarterly Journal, Volume 28, Number 1 Page 1, Winter 2000
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Balto, David A, "Standard Setting in a Network Economy," Address before the Cutting Edge Antitrust Law Seminars International, New York, New York, 17 February 2000
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Benton, Gary L, "Microsoft and the Antitrust Laws in the Digital Age: the Browser Wars and Beyond," FindLaw, 2000
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Bergel, Inga, "Effects of Globalization on Antitrust Policy," 4 November 1997
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Besen, Stanley M. and Robert J. Levinson, "Standards, Intellectual Property Disclosure, and Patent Royalties After Rambus," 1 March 2009
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