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Gesmer Updegrove has represented more than 125 standards consortia and open source foundations, including:
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Electronic Commerce Task Force Industry Canada, "Standards for a Global Digital Marketplace," 1 March 1999
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British Standards Institution (BSI), "Adobe: Reaping the benefits of standards," 2 January 2008
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ISEAL Alliance, "Referencing International Standards in Government Procurement," 1 July 2006
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U.S Department of Commerce, "Standards and CompetitivenessŚCoordinating for Results," 1 May 2004
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Sun Microsystems and Center for Excellence in E-governance, "Technomics OOXML : The Anti-Common Man's Standard," 23 September 2007
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Andersen, Per, "Evaluation of Ten Standard Setting Organizations with Regard to Open Standards Prepared for IT," 15 January 2008
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Anderson, Per, "SPECIAL STUDY - Evaluation of Ten Standard Setting Organizations with Regard to Open Standards," 7 April 2008
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Bagby, John W., "The Emerging Standards War in Cyberspace Security," 1 March 2006
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Blind, Knut and Christiane Hipp, "The Role of Quality Standardsin Innovative Service Companies:An Empirical Analysis for Germany," Science Direct, 1 September 2003
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Bolin, Sherrie, "Building Economic Strength and Social Benefit: Openness as Collaborative Advantage," 18 April 2007
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Buthe, Tim and Jan Martin Witte, "Product Standards in Transatlantic Trade and Investment: Domestic and International Practices and Institutions," 1 October 2003
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Byrne, Bernadette M and Paul A Golder, "The diffusion of anticipatory standards with particular reference to the ISO/IEC information resource dictionary system framework standard," Computer Standards & Interfaces, Volume 24, Issue 5, Pages: 369 - 379, November 2002
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Camp, L. Jean and Charles Vincent, "Setting Standards: Looking to the Internet for Models of Governance," 2 November 2004
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Caplan, Priscilla, "Patents and Open Standards," 1 October 2003
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Cerf, Vinton G., "On Open Internet Standards," 10 June 2006
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