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Gesmer Updegrove has represented more than 125 standards consortia and open source foundations, including:
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"Competition Policy in Telecommunications: Regulation & Antitrust," The Skeptical Regulator, Release 1.2, September 2003
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"Hybrid Standards Setting Solutions for Today'sConvergent Telecommunications Market," 15 January 2001
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"What drives the innovation, diffusion and adoption of mobile services? -An analysis of four alternative studies," 1 November 2007
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Open Geospatial Consortium, "The Importance of Going," 5 July 2005
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"Understanding patents, competition and standardization in an interconnected world," ITU, 1 July 2014
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Akhtar, Shakil, "2G-4G Networks: Evolution of Technologies, Standards, and Deployment," 1 September 2003
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Anderson, Bonnie, James Hansen, Paul Lowry and Scott Summers, "Standards and Verification for Fair-Exchange and Atomicity in E-Commerce Transactions," 14 February 2005
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Arora, Rakesh, "Voice over IP : Protocols and Standards," 7 February 2000
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Bach, David, "International Cooperation and the Logic of Networks: Europe and the Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM)," BRIE Working Paper 139, E-conomy Project Working Paper 14, July 2000
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Bauer, Johannes M and Yu-Chieh Lin, "TRANSITION PATHS TO NEXT-GENERATION WIRELESS SERVICES," 32nd Research Conference on Communication, Information and Internet Policy, Arlington, VA, 1 October 2004
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Beck, Roman, Tim Weitzel, Daniel Beimborn and Wolfgang König, "The Network Effect Helix," 9 January 2003
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Bryan, David A. and Bruce B. Lowekamp, "Standards-Based P2P Communications Systems," 1 September 2005
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Camp, Joseph D. and Edward W. Knightly, "The IEEE 802.11s Extended Service Set Mesh Networking Standard," 1 February 2007
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Carrier, Michael A., "A Roadmap to the Smartphone Patent Wars and FRAND Licensing," Social Science Research Network, 3 May 2012
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Church, Jeffrey and Neil Gandal, "Platform Competition in Telecommunications," 2004, The Handbook of Telecommunications Vol. 2, ed. M. Cave, S. Majumdar, and I. Vogelsang
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