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International Software Escrow Association (ISEA)

Overview: The International Software Escrow Association (ISEA) delivers escrow arrangements to clients for operational risk management, business continuity, disaster recovery, and corporate good governance. ISEA's purpose is to: promote co-operation and synergies in the industry for those with an interest in information technology dependency, operation risk management, and corporate governance; agree on guidelines and standards to the benefit of ISEA members and clients alike; provide for a body of knowledge that will assist ISEA members in maintaining professional standards for delivering software escrow services; provide a platform for rendering cross border services to ISEA members on a consistent and mutually supportive basis; and monitor industry developments so that commercial and governmental organizations that are dependent on software products for survival are assured of software escrow best practice when they work with an ISEA member.

Specifications: Not available

IPR Policy: Not available

Current Status: Active

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