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Interoperable PDK Libraries (IPL) Alliance

Overview: IPL (Interoperable PDK Libraries) is an industry alliance established in 2007 to collaborate on the creation and promotion of interoperable Process Design Kit (PDK) standards. Since its inception, the IPL Alliance has released a proof-of-concept interoperable PCell library, demonstrated interoperability among tools from multiple vendors, and expanded its charter to address broader interoperability issues with foundry Process Design Kit (PDKs) and design flows. Current IPL Alliance members include Accelicon Technologies, Applied Wave Research (AWR), Agilent Technologies, Ciranova, GRID Simulation Technology, Helic, JEDAT, LFoundry, Magma Design Automation, Mephisto Design Automation, Micrologic Design Automation, Micro Magic, Parallel Engines, Pyxis, SpringSoft, SynCira, Synopsys, TowerJazz, TSMC and Virage Logic. Mentor Graphics and Pulsic are supporting members.

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Current Status: Active

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