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Overview: PINCETTE aims to solve the problem of high cost of changes by introducing an automated framework and methodology, using a mix of technologies, to identify the impact of changes that derive from intra-component changes (due to error fixing and functionality enhancement) and from component replacement within a single product and a product family. This methodology improves the reliability of networked software by implementing an innovative solution for the automatic detection, localization, and repair of program bugs. PINCETTE develops the technology to ensure safe infrastructure upgrades by validating continuously evolving networked software systems. PINCETTE aims to: reduce the cost and time to market of upgrades by several orders of magnitude; increase the level of confidence in the safety of upgrades; and enable certification of upgrades. The PINCETTE consortium is composed of the leading European research experts and prominent infrastructure providers. The primary deliverables of the project will be a widely applicable methodology and an integrated set of coherent tools that provide capabilities for analyzing the software components of evolving networked systems.

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Current Status: Active

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