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Gesmer Updegrove has represented more than 125 standards consortia and open source foundations, including:
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SunSpec Alliance

Overview: The SunSpec Alliance is a trade alliance of solar photovoltaic industry participants pursuing information standards for the renewable energy industry. SunSpec standards address operational aspects of PV power plants on the smart grid - including residential, commercial, and utility-scale systems - reducing cost, promoting technology innovation, and accelerating industry growth. The purpose of the Alliance is to: enable growth of the renewable energy market worldwide by defining open interface standards for the renewable energy industry; make appropriate use of standards created by other standards bodies, agencies, and associations wherever possible; promote the ratification, approval, and adoption of such specifications; establish certification guidelines and procedures to ensure compatibility and interoperability; provide a forum and environment where members can meet to define and publish recommendations; and educate the business, regulatory, and consumer communities as to the value, benefits, and applications for such a standard in consumer and commercial products and services through public statements, publications, trade shows, demonstrations, seminar sponsor-ships, and other programs established by the SunSpec Alliance.

Specifications: Available at:

IPR Policy: See Section 5, available at:

Current Status: Active

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