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MULTOS Consortium

Overview: The MULTOS Consortium develops, maintains and promotes the MULTOS specification. MULTOS is an open, high security, multi-application operating system for smartcards (hence 'MULT-OS'). MULTOS is involved in various sectors, including telecommunications, e-commerce, travel, entertainment, retail, media, and government/public sectors. Until the emergence of multi-application smartcards, each software application representing a product or service on a card was written for a specific operating system, which in turn was particular to a hardware (chip) or silicon platform supplier. The key elements of the MULTOS multi-application smartcard platform include: a high security architecture; co-residence of multiple, interoperable, platform independent applications; and remote loading and deletion of applications over the lifetime of a card.

Specifications: Not available

IPR Policy: Not available

Current Status: Active

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