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Worldwide Consortium for the Grid (W2COG)

Overview: The World Wide Consortium for the Grid (W2COG) was a government development program in collaboration with the W2COG Institute, a not-for-profit international, collaborative association, that developed and delivered practical tools to advance and support netcentric operations (NCO) for global security and commerce. W2COG dealt only with open architectures, consensus processes, and recommendations and consists of members from areas of business, government and academia. W2COG did not produce standards but relied on other standard setting organizations for that purpose. The W2COG functioned at four levels: the requirements level, generating statements of the functions and capabilities of networks, derived from use cases; the architecture level, maintaining a reference model and a set of evaluation criteria for architectures; the technologies level, encompassing a set of working groups, each working toward recommendations on how W2COG members could address a technical issue; and the experiments level, consisting of field tests that yielded insights on what worked and provided feedback to the requirements, architecture, and technology levels. W2COG organized work groups at the top three levels and external relationships with ongoing field experiments at the fourth level. W2COG also maintained an education group to help teach interested parties about network centric operations and technology. *Inactive

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