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Overview: The SIMD Tech website promoted single instruction, multiple data technology and was created to bring together the community of programmers who exploit SIMD microprocessor instructions. SIMD Tech had working groups for each SIMD implementation it supported. The working groups hosted an email dialog and a file archive including the Signal Processing Engine (SPE) and AltiVec Technology. SIMD extensions started appearing in microprocessors with HP's MAX2 and Sun's VS extensions in 1994. Since then, new extensions have included MMX, MVI, 3DNow!, MadMax, Streaming SIMD, AltiVec, and SPE. All of these extensions enable programmers to deliver higher microprocessor hardware utilization. The website was created in order to explain what SIMD technology is, but the ultimate goal of the SIMD Tech was to dedicate an active working group to each SIMD instruction set. *Inactive

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Current Status: Inactive

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