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Car2Car Communication Consortium

Overview: The Car2Car Communication Consortium was formed to create and establish an open European-wide industry standard for inter-vehicle ("Car2Car") communication systems, based on wireless LAN components. Objectives for the Consortium include: enabling the development of active safety applications by specifying, prototyping, and demonstrating the Car2Car system; promoting the allocation of a royalty-free European-wide exclusive frequency band for Car2Car applications; pushing the harmonization of Car2Car Communication standards worldwide; and developing realistic deployment strategies and business models to speed-up market penetration. Car2Car Communication will be integrated into the existing telematics platform of vehicles, and its applications are intended to affect the following areas: advanced driver assistance; road safety; decentralized floating car data; local traffic flow and efficiency of road traffic; and user communications and information services. The Consortium, initiated by European vehicle manufacturers, is open to suppliers, research organizations, and other partners.

Specifications: Not available

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Current Status: Active

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