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AUTOSAR Development Partnership

Overview: The AUTOSAR partnership, an alliance of OEM manufacturers and Tier 1 automotive suppliers, develops and establishes a de-facto open industry standard for automotive E/E architecture to serve as a basic infrastructure for the management of functions within both future applications and standard software modules. Goals include the standardization of basic system functions and functional interfaces; the ability to integrate and transfer functions; and to substantially improve software updates and upgrades over vehicle lifetimes. The AUTOSAR scope includes all vehicle domains.

A joint technical team was established in 2002 to work out the technical implementation strategy, and the partnership between the Core Partners was formally launched in 2003. Activities of the AUTOSAR partnership include: management of E/E complexity associated with growth in functional scope; flexibility for product modification, upgrade and update; scalability of solutions within and across product lines; and improved quality and reliability of E/E systems. Future goals of the Partnership include: fulfillment of future vehicle requirements, such as availability and safety, SW upgrades/updates and maintainability; increased scalability and flexibility to integrate and transfer functions; higher penetration of "Commercial off the Shelf" SW and HW components across product lines; improved containment of product and process complexity and risk; and cost optimization of scalable systems.

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Current Status: Active

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