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USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF)

Overview: The USB Implementers Forum facilitates the development of compatible Universal Serial Bus (USB) peripherals (devices), and promotes the benefits of USB and the quality of products that have passed compliance testing. Primary objectives of the Forum include: defining, establishing and supporting a USB-product review program, testing protocol and logo-licensing program; fostering and encouraging the voluntary adoption of accurate labels, tests, and specifications by developers and test houses of products and services which utilize USB; providing a forum and environment whereby the Forum's members may meet to review requirements for product interoperability and general usability; educating the business and consumer communities as to the value, benefits and applications for USB-based products through a web site, public statements, publications, tradeshow demonstrations, seminar sponsorships and other programs established by the Forum; supporting the creation and implementation of industry standard compliance test procedures and processes which support the interoperability of USB based products and services; maintaining relationships and liaisons with educational institutions, government research institutes and other technology consortia; and fostering competition in the development of new products and services based on the USB Specification.

Specifications: Available at:

IPR Policy: Not available

Current Status: Active

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