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Storage Performance Council (SPC)

Overview: The Storage Performance Council (SPC) seeks to improve performance in storage subsystems, and the free and open exchange of ideas and information as a means of improving products and services in the storage industry. SPC also develops benchmarks focusing on storage subsystems, including components such as: electronic disks, magnetic disks, magnetic tapes, optical disks, media robots, media robot software systems, media library software systems, backup/archival software systems, and hierarchical storage management systems; in addition to the adapters, controllers, and networks that connect storage devices to computer systems. The SPC also focuses on expanding the recognition and use of its industry-standard benchmarks and on publicizing those benchmark results. Although anyone can run SPC benchmarks, published benchmark results must successfully complete a SPC audit for accuracy and authenticity in order to be disseminated and adopted within the industry.

Specifications: Available at:

IPR Policy: See Section 6.01, available at:

Current Status: Active

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