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Camera and Imaging Products Association (CIPA)

Overview: The Camera and Imaging Products Association (CIPA) deals with issues affecting the camera and imaging products industry, such as environmental issues, inadequate compatibility or interoperability between products, and maintenance of fair market competition; it also promotes research and information exchange. Its members are engaged in the production or distribution of silver halide cameras, digital cameras, and related devices, instruments and software ("Imaging Equipment"). CIPA was established in 2002 to carry out the following objectives: conduct statistical surveys and provide information concerning technical development of Imaging Equipment and its market; research and provide information concerning measures to deal with environmental problems related to Imaging Equipment; research and provide information concerning measures related to consumer safety of Imaging Equipment; research and provide information concerning copyright and other intellectual property rights related to Imaging Equipment; establish and diffuse standards for compatibility or interoperability between Imaging Equipment; establish regulations to ensure fair market competition in the development, production and distribution of Imaging Equipment; supply information to consumers concerning Imaging Equipment and hold exhibitions related to Imaging Equipment; and conduct scientific research and lectures on the development of photography and imaging culture.


IPR Policy:

Current Status: Active

Last Updated: June 3, 2015

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