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Infrared Data Association (IrDA)

Overview: Formed in 1994, The Infrared Data Association (IrDA) creates and promotes interoperable, low cost infrared data interconnection standards that support a walk-up, point-to-point user model. The standards developed support a range of appliances, computing, and communications devices. Special interest groups (SIGs) developed the protocols currently used to define the way IrDA-enabled devices discover, negotiate, and transfer data. There are SIGs defining additional specifications for: making infrared wireless payments at POS terminals and vending machines (IrFM); technical and marketing requirements for communicating at data rates exceeding 100 Mbit/s (UFIR); transfer of digital content at speeds up to 100 mbps or greater (IrBurst); and common standards with traffic toll collection systems (IrTM). IrDA members are drawn from hardware, systems, software, peripherals, component, and communications manufacturers, as well as cable and telephone companies, automobile and service providers.

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Current Status: Active

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