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TV Anytime Forum

Overview: The global TV-Anytime Forum was an association of organizations which sought to develop specifications to enable audio-visual and other services based on mass-market high volume digital storage in consumer platforms. The TV-Anytime Forum was formed in 1999 and immediately began developing open specifications designed to enable consumer electronics manufacturers, content creators, telcos, broadcasters, and service providers to use local storage. The TV-Anytime Forum established four fundamental objectives for the organization: define specifications that would enable applications to exploit local persistent storage in consumer electronics platforms; be network independent with regard to the means for content delivery to consumer electronics equipment, including various delivery mechanisms (e.g. ATSC, DVB, DBS and others), the Internet, and enhanced TV; develop specifications for interoperable and integrated systems, from content creators/providers, through service providers, to the consumers; and specify the necessary security structures to protect the interests of all parties involved. Member organizations were from a variety of industries including traditional broadcasters, internet broadcasters, content owners, service providers, telcos, consumer electronics manufacturers, IT industries, professional equipment manufacturers, component manufacturers, and software vendors. *Dissolved in 2005

Specifications: Available at:

IPR Policy: See Section 7.6, available at:

Current Status: Inactive

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