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KNX Association

Overview: The KNX Association administers the KNX standard, an OSI-based network communications protocol for intelligent buildings. KNX is the worldwide standard for all applications in home and building control ranging from lighting and shutter control to various security systems, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, monitoring, alarming, water control, energy management, smart metering, household appliances, and more. The KNX standard has a single manufacturer independent design and commissioning tool (ETS) with a complete set of supported communication media (TP, PL, RF and IP), as well as a complete set of supported configuration modes (system and easy mode). KNX is approved as a European (CENELEC EN 50090 and CEN EN 13321-1) and International standard (ISO/IEC 14543-3). KNX is based on market experience, including its predecessors European Installation Bus (EIB), European Home Systems Protocol (EHS), and BatiBus. The KNX Association has hundreds of members from over 30 countries and holds thousands of KNX certified products in their catalogues. The KNX Association has partnership agreements with tens of thousands of installer companies in over 80 countries.

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Current Status: Active

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