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Gesmer Updegrove has represented more than 132 standards consortia and open source foundations, including:
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Parlay Group

Overview: The Parlay Group was formed to develop open, technology-independent application programming interfaces (APIs) that enabled the development of applications that operate across multiple networking-platform environments. The Parlay Group integrated intelligent network (IN) services with IT applications via a secure, measured, and billable interface. The Parlay Group's goals included: defining, establishing, and supporting a common specification for industry-standard APIs; facilitating the production of test suites and reference code in multiple technologies that enable developers to create related products and services that operate across wireless, Internet-protocol (IP), and public-switched networks; providing an environment in which member companies can approve suggested revisions and enhancements that evolve the initial specifications; making appropriate submissions to established agencies and bodies with the purpose of ratifying these specifications as international standards; and providing a forum in which users can meet with developers and providers of products and services to identify requirements for interoperability and general usability. The Parlay Group also sought to educate the business and consumer communities about APIs through publications, trade show demonstrations, seminars, and other programs. *Dissolved in 2007

Specifications: Not available

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Current Status: Inactive

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