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Chemical Industry Data Exchange (CIDX)

Overview: The Chemical Industry Data Exchange (CIDX) was a trade association and standards body focused on transactional efficiency throughout the chemical industry supply chain. CIDX focused on the need for standardized data and business processes in electronic business transactions between chemical companies and their trading partners. CIDX member volunteers produced standards, guidelines, support materials and communications that helped to implement free standards. The group also organized forums to network and share knowledge between chemical companies and their trading partners.

Three principles guided CIDX's development and release of standards. Standards needed to be: open and freely available to members and non-members without royalties or licensing fees; neutral to support current and emerging business models; and platform independent to prevent restricting the use of any hardware or software platforms. The organization's major initiatives included the Chem eStandards Initiative, which attempted to address and solve chemical industry problems, and the Cyber Security Practices, Standards and Technology Initiative, which addressed IT and process control security for the chemicals sector. *Merged with Open Application Group, Inc (OAGi) and American Council's Chemical Information Technology Center (Chem ITC) in 2008

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