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International Security Trust & Privacy Alliance (ISTPA)

Overview: ISTPA was founded in 1999 as an alliance of companies, institutions, and technology providers working to clarify and resolve existing and evolving issues related to security, trust, and privacy. The organization's goals included: developing a framework for the protection of personal and organizational data, which defines security, privacy, and trust services and their relationship; developing an understanding of the usability, manageability and cost implications of technologies supporting data protection; conducting research, demonstration, and interoperability projects that address privacy, security, and trust issues; providing forums for discussion of issues and solutions; and serving as an industry resource on privacy technology issues. ISTPA had four primary working groups: privacy framework (collaborating with Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Computer Science to jointly define research in the area of digital privacy); privacy tools & technology research (collaborating with Johns Hopkins University’s Information Security Institute to address the introduction and deployment of mass-market privacy tools and technologies); legal & regulatory requirements (a repository for global privacy laws and regulations); and outreach (responsible for recruitment, public relations, and funding development to sustain ISTPA and its projects). *Inactive

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