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Content Reference Forum (CRF)

Overview: The Content Reference Forum (CRF) aimed to facilitate the distribution of content in the world of contractual arrangements and peered environments. It sought to achieve digital content distribution by bringing together standards and technologies from different communities via content owners and technology companies. At the crux of the CRF's architecture were content references, data packages that identify content and the context in which it will be used. Content references are resolved by reference services that determine the content, user context (including rendering environment, language and location) and commercial terms of usage. The reference service facilitated the acquisition of content (e.g., matching consumers' preferences and platform capabilities) by providing an offer or offers for the consumer to buy the content, or connecting the consumer to the retail source per contractual agreements for content distribution. CRF aimed to issue specifications for public review, modify them and promote participation and adoption by relevant parties. The CRF chartered four working groups (WG) to accomplish its technical goals: the requirements and architecture WG; the content references WG; the contract expression language WG; and the references services WG. *Inactive

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