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SPIRIT Consortium

Overview: The Spirit Consortium was founded by companies in the semiconductor industry to promote standard mechanisms for describing and handling IP for automated integration through plug-in tools. This is done in order to promote the design of large System-on-Chip (SoC) solutions. The Spirit Consortium worked to: develop standards for describing IP and IP packaging, as well as plug-in tool IP interfacing and packaging; address standards for IP meta-data description and IP tool APIs; test the proposed standards within multiple live projects; and transfer the defined standards to an international standards body. The consortium included companies in IP development, supply, integration, and electronic design automation (EDA). SPIRIT intended to create two standards: an IP meta-data description that would create a common way to describe IP; and an IP tool integration API, that would provide a standard method for linking tools into an IP framework. *Merged with Accellera in 2009

Specifications: Not available

IPR Policy: Not available

Current Status: Inactive

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