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Peripheral Component Interconnect Special Interests Group (PCI-SIG)

Overview: Formed in 1992, PCI-SIG promotes the development and management of the PCI bus specification, a high-performance I/O interconnect used to transfer data between a CPU and its peripherals. The organization aims to support new requirements, preserve backward compatibility for all PCI revisions, maintain the specification as an easy-to-implement, stable technology, contribute to the technical longevity of PCI, and support the establishment of PCI as an industry-wide standard. The PCI Special Interest Group promotes PCI technology through a series of events in which members can test products at compliance workshops, receive PCI training at technical update seminars, participate in industry education and aid in promoting PCI technology at select tradeshows. PCI-SIG has over 850 members.

Specifications: Available at:

IPR Policy: See Section 15, available at:

Current Status: Active

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