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Gesmer Updegrove has represented more than 125 standards consortia and open source foundations, including:
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Network Processing Forum (NPF)

Overview: The Network Processing Forum (NPF), created in 2001, was the successor organization to the Common Switch Interface Consortium (CSIX) and the Common Programming Interface Forum (CPIX). The NPF was organized to facilitate and accelerate the development of next-generation networking and telecommunications products based on network processing technologies. By establishing common specifications, the NPF sought to reduce design burdens for equipment manufacturers, preserve the flexibility to use a variety of components to fit their requirements, reduce equipment time-to-market, and increase time-in-market. The NPF supported three working groups: The Hardware Working Group created Implementation Agreements for the required interfaces (physical and logical) used on Network Processing Elements (NPEs), such as Network Processing Units (NPU), network co-processors and traffic managers; the Software Working Group defined, promoted, and delivered software interfaces that permitted integration between multiple software applications and network processors; and the Benchmarking Working Group defined, promoted, and delivered a standard set of benchmarks and the methods for reporting benchmark results. *Merged with the Optical Internetworking Forum

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