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Smart Active Labels Consortium (SAL-C)

Overview: The Smart Active Labels (SAL) Consortium promoted the use of smart active label technologies by various industries. SALs are defined as thin and flexible labels that contain an integrated circuit and a power source. SAL included in its definition both "fully active" smart labels, and semi-active smart labels, also known as "battery-assisted backscattered passive labels". SAL systems provided a means of locating, tracking, and tracing assets or people across a number of industries. SAL-C addressed multiple emerging technologies, including RFID, sensors, displays, thin power sources, ICs, conductive inks, MEMS, and other printable microelectronic materials that were contributing to the development of smart active labels. SAL-C was developing proposals for application standards for temperature tracking and other emerging SAL technologies. SAL technology can be applied in areas such as access control, supply chain management, security, transportation, ticketing and smart forms. *Inactive

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